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#02 Who we are

— With a strong team of hand
picked exhibition builders and stand designers
, X-UP offers new and attractive exhibition solutions.

From innovative Tabletops and Lightweight Displays, to large customized stands. We do it all, all over the world – Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

X-UP offers the complete package. From planning, design and administration, to production, build-up/break-down, transport, storage and more.

In our 400 square meter storage facility, we can safely store all of your exhibition goods, insured and at attractive storage rates. Furthermore, our 250 square meters of workshop facilities and offices ensure complete in-house production and administration.

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#03 Our work

— Here are a few samples
of our work.


Americas 2012

700 sq m.


Drupa 2012
140 sq m.


i Bella 2012

180 sq m.

#04 Our Products

Our Products

X-UP Lightweight

The X-UP Lightweight
Display System

The X-UP Lightweight Display System – our easy-travel, modular lightweight system designed to fit most standard expo shell schemes.

Our clever profiles fit right onto the top of the stand wall, easily attaches to your high quality customized banners, and sets up in 10 minutes or less. Produced in lightweight and fire resistant (material) and (material), the X-UP Lightweight Display System meets all rules and regulations.

The X-UP Lightweight Display System eliminates shipping, weighs close to nothing (ca. 2kg), and fits right in your suitcase. Best of all, it stays intact even when dismantling, so you can re-use your banners over and over again.

X-UP Tabletop

The X-UP Tabletop

The X-UP Tabletop Display is truly innovative.

The X-UP Tabletop Display eliminates any shipment of materials, fits right in your suitcase, and is practically weightless. Produced in lightweight and fire resistant polyester and fiberglass, the X-UP Tabletop Display meets all rules and regulations.

In short, our X-UP Tabletop Display is smarter and more flexible than any roll-up or tabletop solution – even when it comes to the logo and artwork. If you want to supply it, that’s fine. If not, we’d be happy to help!

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#05 Contact

— We want to design
and build your next exhibition.
Get in touch and hear
what we have to offer.

X-UP Exhibitons
Office & Goods

1, Dalbynedervej
DK-8970 Havndal

Phone: +45 888 26 696
E-Mail: mf@x-up.dk

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